Girbau Soft Mount Washers – Need to Know

If you’re in the market for soft mount industrial washing machines, Girbau Australia has you covered. Specialising in advanced and efficient machines, Girbau developed the HS […]

New East Coast Area Manager

We here at Dependable Laundry Solutions are super excited to announce the appointment of Dale Curran as our new East Coast Area Manager. Having worked in […]

What to Look for in an Industrial Laundry Equipment Supplier

Industrial laundry comes with a stringent and specific set of requirements. Your needs will be high capacity, they will be specific to your business and industry, […]

Laundry Success Story: Laundry for a Cause

How often do you hear about the Laundry industry making national news for human rights and politics? Well, that’s exactly what happened when two young entrepreneurs […]