Maytag Washing Machines & Dryers Can Meet Your Industry Demands

Selecting a Maytag washing machine or dryer means you are purchasing more than a reliable addition to your laundry. You are purchasing peace of mind, knowing you have a machine which is reliable and hardworking. Maytag’s dependable and sturdy construction makes it a reliable appliance which will continue to perform throughout its lifespan, no matter how frequently you run it.

Why Choose a Maytag Washing Machine or Dryer?

Maytag Australia offer the best quality products on the market for commercial laundry equipment. With 40 years in the Australian market, and over 100 years in producing machines internationally, Maytag is trusted as the superior provider of commercial and industrial laundry equipment. Choose Maytag for:

  • Unrivalled 5 year warranty
  • Fastest washing time for size
  • Superior energy and water efficient
  • Built to withstand harsh conditions
  • Higher spin rate on soft mounted multi load machines, meaning less drying time

We stock Maytag commercial and industrial washing machines and dryers, as well as a range of dryers and finishing equipment to fully stock your new or updated laundry.

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