How To Reinvigorate Your Accommodation Business. NOW!

Now that the mining boom has settled into production mode and construction has diminished we have seen a decline in the requirements for accommodation across Western Australia. Some Pilbara based accommodation sites have gone from 100% occupancy with a waiting list, down to only 35% in just 12 months.

Added to this our State Government is on a mission to expand and enhance the FREE camp areas, so called “Rest Areas” The best way for you to compete with FREE rest areas is to out-service them with quality facilities in your site, in other words, make it feel really uncomfortable to go without what you have to offer.

Recovery means, we have to be the ones to bring back old, forgotten and neglected customers that were forced aside by the mining boom. This means many things and includes attracting them back with “what customers really want”. Quality Guest Laundries are part of the solution At Maytag we know the value of accommodation sites to our business, Caravan Parks, Back Packers, Hotels and Motels are extremely important to us and hopefully we are to you.