Save Water – Save Money!

We are on a mission to save over 10 million litres of water next year and we need YOUR help to do it.

We can all rage and debate about whether climate change is real or not (It is!) but one thing we as Australians have all had to get used to at one point or another is drought, water restrictions and crazy high costs from our water bills as this precious recourse of ours is in such high demand.

You might have mulched the garden and set the retic timer to only go for a few minutes on your allocated watering days, you could be limiting showers to no more than 4 minutes each or any of the other numerous suggestions to save water from our government, but have you checked your laundry to make sure you aren’t wasting water and pumping money down the drain?

Top Load washing machines might be your old school tried and tested favorite that you keep buying because that’s what you’ve always done… But did you know that each and every cycle going through your Commercial Top Load Washers uses 120 litres of water?
Compare that to the average 40 litres of water used by our 9kg MHN33PN Commercial Front Load Washers and you can see how quickly that 60 litres of water saved each cycle will add up to make a huge difference.

10,000,000 litres of water sounds like a lot to try and save,  but with an average Commercial washing machine doing 3 cycles a day, upgrading just ONE Commercial washing machine from a Top Load to a Front Load will save you 65,700 litres of water alone per year… Imaging the difference upgrading your laundry room can make!

Best of all, by upgrading your Commercial laundry equipment to Front Load Washing machines not only are you going to save water and money next year, but you will every single year for the life of your machine. By saving 65,700 litres of water every year for the next 7 years while your machine is under warranty and you will have saved 459,900 litres of water to not only cut your water bill and kept more money in your own pocket but also helped to keep our dams that little bit fuller.

There is more to a washing machine than just the water it uses, and our Commercial Front Load Washing machines not only tick all the boxes for you, but will also out perform and outlast Top Load Washing Machines all day, every day.
Most of our clients are now upgrading to Front Load Washers not only to stop wasting water, but also for the below benefits:

·        Larger 9kg Capacity to fit bulky items easier

·        Dramatically lower Water and Power consumption to save you money

·        Super quick 30min Cycle times

·        Front Load washers always perform a better quality clean

·        Front load washers come with a Longer Warranty and will outlast any Top Load Washer

You can also vend the larger front load washers to a higher dollar amount, with most front load washers set for $5-$6 per wash compared to just $4 for a standard top load washing machine. This higher vend price and lower water and power usage will ensure your profits are greater each cycle in your Tourist Park Coin Laundry or Laundromat.        

Don’t get left behind investing in equipment that is costing you money and wasting our precious resource – Call us on 1800 MAYTAG (1800 629 824) to make a difference for our environment and save yourself money now by upgrading to Front Load Washing machines.